Successful completion of the ESPOSA project

In June 2016, the ESPOSA project completed the 56th month of its 56 months planned programme. The project reached most of its objectives with only relatively minor deviations from the original plan.

PBS project activities addressed the following areas:

1. Support activities for further engine development

- checked engine's performance characteristics modelling in the GSP program
- alternative combustion chamber design – verified by measurement
- simple cooled turbine nozzle – verified by measurement
- machining of titanium compressor wheels – improved the machining process, provided evidence of savings
- optimisation of casting processes – achieved acquisition of fine casting surface macrotexture of runners and guide wheels made from standard INC713LC and new MAR-M 247materials, obtained new statistical data for the material
- measured the dynamics of the entire engine installation
- designed draft modification of gears and preliminary draft of reducer with output axis over the engine axis

2. Dual-channel control system

PBS has collaborated on these activities with the UNIS company. A step was taken to realise a dual-channel version of the control system (CS) for PBS engines – provided preliminary system design draft including preliminary electro control tests.

3. Engine testing

Carried out long-term tests of the TP100 turboprop engine in a PBS lab – completed approx. 2,500 hours and confirmed the requirements for engine repair. Further engine tests were carried out in the CIAM hyperbaric chamber – validated the performance parameters of the TP / TS100 engine shaft throughout the operating envelope.

4. Engine installations

- ILOT / I-31T Manager – thrust version of propeller application, engine installed, flight verification proceeded (about 15 hours)
- MM / ORCA – twin-engine push version of propeller application, engine installed, flight measurements proceeded (about 130 hours on two engines)
- Winner Helico / B150 – helicopter application, engine installed, testing underway
- IRI – helicopter application, engine installed, on-the-ground verification proceeded